Frequently Asked Questions ...


What does PMA stand for?
* PMA is an acronym for Pine Meadows Academy.

Is this a School?
* No, we are tutors. We mentor students in a setting that is flexible with regard to the parent's participation.

Is this a Christian program?
* Yes, we will pray, talk about God, and reference Him, yet the main religious education comes from the home.

What if my student is behind/ahead of their grade?
* That is the beauty of this type of program because we can meet the student where they are at.
* It is individualized placement in a group setting.

What costs are involved?
* The fees paid to PMA cover Registration, most online resources, & Tutoring/Mentoring. Books/Supplies are the responsibility of the parent.
* If a family would like an official transcript (in addition to recommended grades) there is a Transcript Fee.

Do the High School classes count as credit toward a High School diploma?
* Yes.  We recommend grades & credit hours. Parents make the final determination.
* If a family would like us to create a transcript, there is a Transcript Fee.

How does PMA handle gender, orientation, or relationship topics?
* It is our belief that God creates humans uniquely male and female at conception.
* An individual's orientation or relationship status is a non-topic at PMA; conversations that head this direction are redirected.
* These topics could possibly be discussed as a general theme during a Socratic Discussion or within a Debate Class, in which the goal is to intelligently confer information and opinions in a clear and kind manner.

How does PMA handle bullying or roughhousing?
* We actively seek to monitor peer interactions for signs of stress.
* We have a "Speak Life" policy that continually encourages positive interactions.
* Students AND parents should make us aware if there are any bullying behaviors seen, experienced, or suspected.
* We believe that both the bullied and the bully need to be addressed in a Christ-like manner. We encourage conversations that lead to a change in behavior, and hopefully repentance, apology, and forgiveness.