Wednesday, July 28, 2021

HS & MS Literature Class Online

Book Discussion, Literary Devices, & Vocabulary
 1st Semester Dates:
13 online classes
Thanksgiving Break 11/23/21
Days: Tuesdays
Times (ET): 10:00 am
$98 per student per semester
$108 for late enrollment after 8/20/21
Families new to PMA, please note that there is a one time $30 registration fee per family.
Academic Level:  upper MS & HS    Type of Class: Language Arts
Credit per Semester:    1/2    Credit per Year:    1
Zoom & Google Classroom
1st Semester Books:
Anne of Green Gables
Time Cat
Pride and Prejudice
The Door in the Wall
Fahrenheit 451

This class includes:
 directed reading, literary devices analysis, vocabulary, and
an online weekly book discussion.
2nd Semester Books:
Under Drake’s Flag
Tuck Everlasting
The Book Thief
The Screwtape Letters 
2nd Semester Dates:

Winter Break 3/1/21
Spring Break 4/12/21