Monday, September 28, 2020

Make Note-taking Fun!

Is your student dreading note-taking? 
Focus on turning notes into art!


Critical Thinking Guide!

Looking to help your students think through issues and develop their own opinions? 


Check Out This Typing Guide!

 Learning to type can be overwhelming for some students. Use this simple guide to help your student make a visual connection between their fingers and the keyboard.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Moving Water With Balloons?

Using static electricity created by rubbing a balloon, you can change the direction of water flow! 

Check out this article from Rookie Parenting to learn how to do this your self!


Let's Set Off A Chain Reaction!

Who's ready for an explosive activity? 

Take a peek that this amazing craft from Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls.


Create Tiny Dancers

Learn to create these battery ballerinas by clicking here!

Thank you, Babble Dabble Do for the fun project.


Potato Power?

 Did you know you can pull eletricity from a potato? 

Check out this amazing project from Love To Know, click here!

Monday, September 14, 2020

A Penny For Your Thoughts?


Yes, you can!! Learn fun ways to clean pennies here

Want to up your science game? 

Have your students write a hypothesis and measure the results.

Four Way To Teach Multiplication!

Check out this cute graphic from Shelly Gray Teaching! Would you like to learn more: click this link!


HSLDA Essay Contest!

Now Accepting Entries through November 1
We are excited to announce that our annual essay contest is open again! Homeschooled students ages 7—19 can submit their essays until November 1.

We have some thought-provoking and humorous themes this year for each category (age group). And in case you missed the news last year, winners can now receive up to $500 in prizes.

All contest profits go to our charitable arm, HSLDA Compassion, which provides grants to help make homeschooling possible for families facing hard times. When you donate to enter the contest, you help families be able to afford the educational materials and resources they need!

For details on how to enter, click here.
Category 1 (ages 710): Some foods are pure delight to find at the dinner table, and then some foods make us wrinkle our noses. There are many reasons why this can be—textures, colors, smells... In an essay, use your five senses to describe what food you most commonly leave on your plate at the end of a meal and tell us why you’d rather sneak it to the dog. 
Category 2 (ages 1114): This year has been full of many serious things. In turbulent times, it’s important to keep a good sense of humor and to encourage each other with a good chuckle and lighthearted cheer. Write a funny essay that will persuade the judges to laugh.

An example of humorous writing can be found in this excerpt from Mark Twain’s essay “Advice to Youth”: “Always obey your parents, when they are present. This is the best policy in the long run, because if you don’t, they will make you. Most parents think they know better than you do, and you can generally make more by humoring that superstition than you can by acting on your own better judgment.”
Category 3 (ages 1519): Staying at home has its benefits, but it also has its challenges. This year you may have found yourself thinking of some creative solutions to make a quarantine less burdensome. What invention can you imagine would make your life, and others’ lives, easier during a time in quarantine? Describe your invention and what we could gain from it. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

A Quote from Erol Ozan


Become a Pro Note-Taker

Do you struggle with note-taking? Don't worry, it's a difficult skill for many people to master. Luckily for us, we found this wonderful article about upping your note game!

Check out this article from The Olden Chapters to find out more!

Monday, September 7, 2020

Register now for Fall online Entrepreneurship HS Class!

Offered through Homeschool Connections!

Instructor: Tammy Parker


What is entrepreneurship? How does it work? Is it for me? Through this Entrepreneurship Part One course, students gain an understanding of entrepreneurship possibilities, business vocabulary and concepts, and how-it-works truths, as they’re introduced to the joys and challenges encompassed in that one word… entrepreneurship. To get more how-to learning and advanced ideas on entrepreneurship, sign up for Entrepreneurship, Part Two.

Part One: September 17th, 2020 to December 10th, 2020
(No class November 26th, 2020)
Part Two: January 21st, 2021 to April 22nd, 2021
(No class February 18th, 2021 or April 1st, 2021)

Starting Time:
10:00 AM Eastern
(9:00 Central 8:00 Mountain 7:00 Pacific)

Fall Registrations closing soon for Career Explorations!

 Offered through Homeschool Connections!

Instructor: Tammy Parker 

Career Explorations & Career Quests:
How to Prepare for Life After High School
Through investigation, journaling, prayer,
and discussion, explore specific career paths
and discover possible lifelong career paths
and journeys to move toward the future with confidence.
Explorations: September 17th, 2020 to December 10th, 2020
(No class November 26th, 2020)
Quests: January 21st, 2021 to April 22nd, 2021
(No class February 18th, 2021 or April 1st, 2021)
Starting Time:
 11:30 AM Eastern
(10:30 Central 9:30 Mountain 8:30 Pacific)

Thanks for the great review Jenn!


Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Let's chat about life coaching!

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Enroll today in our Literature class!

More Info!

Book Discussion
Days: Tuesdays
Times (ET)10:30 AM ~ 11:30 AM
Cost per student per semester: 
PMA graded $68 
Academic Level:    MS & HS    Type of Class:    English

Credit per Semester:    1/4    Credit per Year:    1/2
Zoom & Google Classroom

YouTube and other online resources.

1st Semester Books & Supplies Needed:
Computer (w/ internet access)and 
paper copies &/or ability to listen to
Father and I Were Ranchers
by Ralph Moody
ANDThere and Back Again
by J.R.R. Tolkien
2nd Semester Books & Supplies Needed:
Computer (w/ internet access)and a
paper copies &/or ability to listen to

Class Overview:
This class includes directed Literature reading and an online weekly book discussion.

One Page Business Plan!

Do you have a young entrepreneur? Well, make business planning simple for them with this downloadable one-page plan template from Joey Gedgaud's blog! It's free and a wonderful place to start!


How does your student manage their time?

 As any student knows, there's a lot of work and little time to get it done! So, we found this fun article from Modern Teen that gives 10 amazing tips for anyone struggling with time management. 

Check it out HERE.