Saturday, September 14, 2019


Keep your planners updated to move these assignments forward!

~ Math
Make sure you have done at least an hour of Math on Khan over the weekend (Thursday evening through Sunday evening), unless your parents excused you. They should Private Message me an excusal.

~ Literature
Wrinkle in Time ~ Read chapters 1-3 by Wednesday.

~ Vocabulary
Keep your Quizlet list updated and use LEARN 3x by Wednesday.

~ Writing/Grammar
Make sure you are using complete sentences and proper grammar in any answers on worksheets or online components.

~ Author’s Craft
End of lecture assignments are optional. Enjoy any creative writing you may be participating in within your free time!

~ Chemistry
Watch first video and complete the worksheet by Monday.

~ World History
Watch first video and complete the worksheet by Monday.

~ Economics/ Entrepreneurship
Keep up with your online component.
Watch first 2 videos and complete the worksheets by Wednesday.

~ 3D Art
Keep up with your online component.
Brainstorm how you want your next mobile to look like.

~ Artistic Quests
Brainstorm and come prepared with your “short saying” for the next step in the current project.

~ World Culinary Arts
Keep up with your online component (language).
Practice any cooking/baking tips you learned this week if you help your family prep food.

~ Presentations
Keep up with your online component.
Be ready to research your topic on Monday (you may do some research over the weekend, yet that is not required).

~ Supplemental Activities
Great job in class this week working with the Periodic Table and your strategies within the Labyrinth game! We will continue the game in Week 2.

Any student that needs help (with an online component or otherwise), please feel free to call or private message me.… I am available Saturday until 4pm. I can also answer your Qs when I see you in class.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Late Enrollment Available

Please feel free to contact us
about any Qs you may have:

Several 1st Semester classes have started,
yet late enrollment is allowed...
just ask us for more details.

1st Semester
16 Weeks
September 9th, 2019
January, 16th, 2020

Tutoring can begin at any time
throughout the year
if we have a spot open.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Last Minute Information Open House

Information Open House

Friday, September 6th, 2019

Come any time during these hours to:
receive more information,
take a tour,
have your Qs answered!

This is an opportunity (with no obligations) for folks to learn more about our organization.

You can also find this event on FaceBook: