Sunday, May 26, 2019

2019-2020 Schedule Released!

Please note there are some changes
to Opening times and end of day procedures for Four Day Students.

Enrollment notes have been included.

Color Code:
Anyone = Green or Brown
High School = Blue
Middle School = Orange
Four Day Students Only = Black

Four Day Students please note:

You can arrive as early as 7:15am.
This is an unstructured Study Hall Opportunity.
Opening times have changed to 8:00am,
so arrive early enough before that to get settled.

End of Day procedures have changed,
and you have at least two, maybe more choices!
You may...
Leave a little earlier as your regular classes end at 1:30pm;
Stay for an unstructured Study Hall Opportunity as late as 3:00pm;
or if outside minimum enrollment is reached
AND an end of day class runs
you may join that class for no extra charge. 
These 1:30pm classes will only run
if outside enrollment reaches the minimum stated. 

We will be updating this website
including tab info
over the next week,
so check back to see those updates!