Thursday, January 10, 2019

Metric Escape Room Fun!

Today our
 Supplemental Activities class
will be doing a "Metric ~ Escape Room".

This will be either an introduction
or a reinforcement activity
(depending on the age/grade/experience of each student).

We will cover:
 history of metrics,
base units (and their relationships),
conversions, and
measuring (ruler, triple beam balance, & graduated cylinder).

Before the "Escape Game" starts
we will watch, note-take, & discuss
 these videos from a YouTube list we created
which relate the information.
The students actual interactions with
rulers, triple beam balance, and graduated cylinder
will give a hands-on opportunity,
the Escape Room game allows for additional excitement.

The premise of this Escape Room is that they are on a
Space Station.

We purchased the Metric Escape Room portion of this activity from: 

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Some time changes...

Registration is still open.

General class descriptions can be found in the August Posts, yet
we changed some of the days/times for some of the classes, thus
the days/times below are the most updated
but the August class descriptions still apply.