Sunday, September 11, 2016

Attire... "dress code" explained

The topic of attire in the educational setting can be a controversial subject,
so we thought we would address this issue head on.
Our main goal in our answer to the FAQ about a dress code is
to have as simple of an answer as possible.
In the end, however, questions about attire are never really simple.
Thus, we are further explaining our mind-set in this blog post.

Our over-arching goal with attire standards at PMA

is to maintain a positive learning environment.

This encompasses all students being as comfortable as possible, while respecting others.  We encourage individual expression and want each person to dress in a way that allows this.  Yet, some things that a student may wear outside of PMA may not be suitable at PMA.  We could make a list of "NOs", but would prefer to encourage an attitude of consideration of others. 

In doing this we needed a "base line".  After much discussion, our base line landed on the suggestions iterated in the FAQ...

Is there a dress code?
* Sort of... Our hope is to allow each student to reflect their individual personality in what they wear, while having a base standard for modesty that is easily obtained.  PMA is flexible about attire within the goal of modesty and the outfits students wear can be somewhat outside our basic guidelines, as long as they meet "the heart of the issue".  As a base direction we suggest that students wear these items (in ANY color):
a shirt with either slacks, shorts (below mid-thigh), or a skirt (at or below the knee).
a shirt with slacks or shorts (below mid-thigh).

All items should fit appropriately (not too tight or too baggy) and should be apparently modest (i.e. no one should have to take a second look or thought to know it is modest).  On colder days, a button-up sweater or zip-up sweat shirt, over the shirt, is acceptable.

These picture are not the "be all and end all" of what a student can wear.  For instance, a student does not have to tuck their shirt in, but they should appear tidy.  Also, a polo-shirt is not the only shirt to wear, but is the "standard" of modesty and tidiness that is expected.

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Friday, September 9, 2016

ACT/SAT Prep Course

PMA is offering a new course for your
High School students to be tutored in!
Introducing our....
ACT/SAT Prep Course

This course lasts 27 weeks, starting this fall and bringing the students
up to the time when the SAT is offered locally in the school districts.
All Michigan residents (including homeschoolers)
may take the SAT for free once, usually in their Junior year.

By knowing "how" to take a standardized test and
"practicing" regularly, students score much higher.
A higher scores means better college funding opportunities!

Your student may take this course either:
Thursdays 4pm-5pm
Fridays 9am-10am

Traditional Age / Grade Determination

Homeschoolers are not always "traditional", yet sometimes it is nice to have a reference point for certain determinations.  This chart displays the categorizes for students comparing traditional ages & grades: